Edinburgh-born, Glasgow-based visual artist.


My work is often concerned with ideas surrounding the body, particularly those of gender, sexuality and reproduction. I am interested in material processes which I consider to have a relationship to systems of the flesh, exploring the bodily connotations of the foundry and of casting metals such as iron. In relation to this, I am also interested in the ritualistic aspects of these processes.

By analysing the relationship between physical reproduction and social reproduction within my work, I hope to explore ideas of power, oppression, control, gender and labour.

Through the site specific aspects of my practice I attempt to create non-linear, transhistorical narratives which use place as an anchor to link stories across time.

My exploration of various media and ideas leads to a varied practice that moves across performance, film, drawing, text-based work and object making, however my methodology is consistent; the idea drives investigation into materials and processes and this determines the form and outcome of each body of work.